Dad is wrong about The Black Parade – ep 28

Dad tries to figure out the narrative in The Black Parade by American rock band My Chemical Romance, and he gets it pretty wrong. Presley fills in what is probably the right story and backs it up with confirmed meanings from the band themselves.

Leon: The Professional – Ep27

We’re back to the original format for this one.  Dad had Presley watch Leon: The Professional extended cut. Mom and dad both really loved this movie along with La Femme Nikita back in college, so it was a perfect one to share.  Of course, we didn’t know the whole history or the whole extended cut of the film, so that makes this all a little more interesting.  Enjoy.

Cats Movie and Cancel Culture – Ep 26

Cats the movie posterKicking off season 3!   Presley saw the Cats movie this weekend and fills dad in on the details. Then dad asks why she is so quick to cancel good work by bad creators.

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Ep 25 – Twin Peaks Ep5 and Ep6 – The One-Armed Man and Cooper’s Dreams

This episode, we talk about the 5th and 6th episodes of the first season of twin peaks, The one-armed man and cooper’s dreams.  Uncomfortable Cooper Audrey stuff and quality time with the log lady.  A hot fact about Leo that dad uncovered.  All good things.

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Ep 24 – Twin Peaks ep3 and ep4- Zen or the Skill to Catch a Killer and Rest in Pain

This episode of Validate me, we watch ep3  and ep4 of the first season to Twin Peaks.  Zen, or the skill to catch a killer and Rest in Pain.  A couple of dad’s favorite episodes.  We also talk about Sunday School and Trump’s vision of America.  Good times.

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EP 23 – Twin Peaks (1990) Pilot and Traces to Nowhere

Starting the new season of Validate Me with the first two episodes of Twin Peaks original season 1 from 1990.  So much fun sharing this one with Presley and seeing what a generation Z kid things about Twin Peaks.  The combo is pretty good because dad watched it a ton and remembers a lot about it, mom watched it when it aired but hasn’t seen it since, and Presley has never seen it.    Should be a fun few episodes as we work our way through season one.  Let us know if you have any thoughts to share at or on twitter @validatemecast

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Ep 22 – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All The  Boys I’ve Loved Before family podcast.  Presley introduces mom and dad to what might be the start of a generation z John Hughes movement of sappy love stories.  The conversation develops into a pretty cool analysis of Gen-Z narrative techniques and how they are impacting filmmaking.  It was pretty cool to see Presley so in love with such a wholesome movie, and her reasoning was pretty interesting.

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Ep 21 – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show discussion with Presley and Dad.  This time Mommy also get in on the fun and joins us.  We talk about both the movie itself and a live show that Presley and Dad attended with a shadow cast performance and a lot of rowdy behavior and fun.

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