Ep 17 – Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This episode dad assigned Hedwig and the Angry Inch to Presley.  It’s one of his favorite movies ever and they really dig in deep on this one.  Next up, Presley has assigned dad Heathers the Musical, and they will compare it with the movie version.  Check out the video on our youtube channel here!

Ep 06 – Monster Factory from the McElroy brothers

This episode Presley gets dad to watch several episodes of monster factory on youtube and we dig in for some McElroy goodness.   Dad also tells an overly depressing story for no good reason.  Next time, Presley watches It’s a Wonderful Life and Die Hard as part of our family Christmas celebration! Reach out to us at @validatemecast on twitter or validatemepodcast@gmail.com

Ep 02 – Smoke and Mirrors and BuzzFeed Unsolved – Presley’s picks One

Hey Demons! This week, Presley has dad listen to Smoke + Mirrors from Imagine Dragons and watch a few episodes of BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural with Shane and Ryan.  Lots of talk about the tracks on the album and lots of soundboard clips from BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Ep 01 – Highlander and Galaga – Dad’s picks One

Kicking off the first episode of Validate me with a set of dad’s picks to prep for Presley watching Ready Player One.  Dad has presley watch Highlander and play Galaga so she gets more references from the movie when it comes out.   The subtitle of the podcast will certainly be Bear With Us for a while longer as we get the hand of things, but we’ll keep listening to Steve Zaragosa and Mike Falzone to pick up pointers since they inspired us with Feels Like The First Time and Dynamic Banter.  Next week dad listens to Smoke and Mirrors from Imagine Dragons and watches a few episodes of Buzzfeed Unsolved.

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