Ep 16 – Lizard Boy the Musical

Presley has dad listen to the soundtrack from Lizard Boy the Musical by Justin Huertas.  It’s a really great LGBT musical from Seattle that they are both sad they never got to see.  It stays with our theme of LGBT musical theater.  We’ll continue the theme next time by watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Ep 15 – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This episode, Presley and Dad talk about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, or the American Dr Who.    Always funny to hear Presley’s take on these older films, and this time things get a little dark in Presley’s head.

Ep 14 – The Warriors – Into the Wild

This episode, Presley had dad read the first book in The Warriors saga, Into the Wild.  They talk a lot about cat mythology and come up with some their own OC warrior cat names.  Next time, Presley has to watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  Can’t wait to see what she thinks about that one!

Ep12 – My Brother, My Brother, and Me (MBMBAM)

In this episode, Presley has dad listen to a couple of episodes of  My Brother, My Brother, and Me by the McElroy brothers.  He learns about Amalie, Horsebonology, and the Shrimp Heaven.  All good things.  This episode sponsored by Audible.  Thanks for the emails from RJ and Paislie!

Ep 08 – Be More Chill

Presley finally gets dad to listen to Be More Chill and he loves it.  Lots of sounds clips this time and some theories about how Be More Chill is actually a sequel to Heathers and Doki Doki Literature Club.   Check out the video we talk about in the end here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hNu4V4oRdA

Next time we talk about Grease since we are on a musical kick.  Can’t wait to see what Presley thinks.