Dark Matter Ep1 and Ep2 – It wasn’t my dream

Cooper joins Validate Me with Presley and dad to talk about Presley’s favorite TV show, Dark Matter.  We love this show and have watched it a few times, but this will be Cooper’s first time watching.  It will be interesting to see what he thinks about it as time goes on.

Will Wood The Normal Album – This is not our first podcast – ep34

Presley introduces dad to Will Wood through his latest release, The Normal Album.  We were planning to talk more about the amazing ARG that goes along with the release, but got so tied up in talking about the concept of the album that this turned into our longest episode even without the ARG talk.  So go search for Mary Bell University and start your journey.  Trust us, it’s a lot of fun to go down that rabbit hole.

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Start the ARG here:  https://www.marybelluniversity.org/

Near Dark and the white nationalist vampires – ep 33

Near Dark is a movie that dad really loved when he was young,  and he’s been wanting to share it with Presley for years, but it’s a little hard to find since it’s out of print.  Luckily, it really held up and it was good to compare it with Lost Boys and Twilight.  As will all great horror films, it’s full of social commentary and Presley really gets into it.  Between the drug references and the fringe groups preying on isolated people, this one is a real hidden gem.

Twilight and Fluorescent Vampire Baseball – Ep 32

In this episode, Presley and dad try and untangle the mess that is the first Twilight movie.  Maybe it’s all fan service and knowing the big picture makes it all fall into place, but without any context, it is very hard to follow the reasoning behind the actions in this one.  Lots of hints are dropped but never picked up.  It feels like maybe there was a rewrite, but the changes were never cleaned up earlier in the script so that the ripple of each change was taken care of.  Who knows, it was an interesting one for sure.  Check out our thoughts.

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Bend it Like Beckham and the Unnecessary Love Chevron – Ep 31

Presley and dad dive into another Keira Knightly movie and check out Bend it Like Beckham.  This one was a very big small film back in the day for dad along with Ghost World.  They talk about some of the social issues it raised while still being very light and entertaining.  They also discuss how it is another case of a very unneeded love triangle.  Both Presley and dad have ideas on how to improve that part of the story.  Presley shares a few hot takes on gay coding and baiting in relation to movies like this one as well.  Finally, Presley drops Twilight on dad as the next assignment.

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Lost Boys Comma The – Where the sexy vampires come from – Ep29

Lost Boys was the start of the trend of young, sexy vampires that included Buffy and Twilight.  It’s a classic for sure if for nothing else at least for the sexy sax man scene alone.  We talk about the movie a little bit, but we talk more about vampire lore in general and who is doing it well and who it not.  We also have a bunch of tangents.   Let us know what you think at validatemepodcast@gmail.com